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I've been tagged by the Teacher of all Teachers, the witty and effervescent, Madame Blog-Blond. Go read her answers to this MeMe. I think you'll find them quite amusing and actually more thought provoking than mine. Yes, like her eyes, that MeMe is a window to her soul.

Cheese Danish. Good God I love these things. I worked as GM of a Bakery and could take things home at nite. I'd put extra sugar glaze on. It's a good thing I don't work there anymore and have now managed to lose 25lbs. But if I have Intel and they offered me these bad boys, you know as a bribe, I might tell all...

Liver & Onions, Yuk, Fuck! I was told I make a mean liver and onions as I had to cook it for menu's, in restaurants. The secret is to only braise it. If you over cook it, it's apparently rather nasty. But the challenge for me was to cook it without puking. Oh, my poor gag reflex!

To the Casino on Seneca Nation Reservation where I used to live. It was not open when I lived there. I went with my son, Lee, this past August. They had a kick ass buffet and then we went on to play Slot Machines. You can sit there, drink, smoke-n-joke, right at your machine. The charged atmosphere along with the Company of my son and his husband made for a memorable time.

For Medical tests, especially an
Electromyography (EMG). This is for sure the most torturesque test they can do to you. I've had to have three of them. First they test your nerves with this thingy that zaps your nerve. A radiographic image shows how your nerve reacts to the stimuli. Then, as if that's not enough, they take these long needles and stick them into you, searching for the nerve, digging, poking, prodding. You have three nerves in your arms, did you know that? They start at the hand and work their way up to your neck, testing the nerves by digging around or rather poking and prodding, watching the radiograph reaction, as they hit on the nerve with the needle. I swore and called that son of a bitch everything but a Pakistani. I did ask him if he studied at the prestigious,
Adolf Hitler Institute or if he took his testing gear to parties, for entertainment? I called him a "Cock Monkey." I later apologized, not for swearing but the lack of originality, in my choice of words.

I get calls from all three of my sons and my daughter. I'm hundreds of miles from any one of them and of course, I'm one nosey bitch and have to know what's going on. I'm also a worry wart so to hear from them and know everybody's ok, allows me to sleep at nite. But most of all, I love to play, touch and Grandbabies feet. Don't ask me why I love baby feet but I do. I must work to get to a place where I can do this. I aspire to go into real semi-retirement and just be a goofy Grandma. Yep, I wear the grandma name rather well. No, I'm not your average Grandma with the tight blue perm, moo moo?, hush puppies and knee high panty hose. No, I'm more apt to wear, on an average day, either sweat pants or camo's, black cargo pants and black T-Shirt and boots. If I could, I'd wear a T-Shirt that said, "G-Ma," as my Granddaughter, Jessie calls me.

You're in a hurry at the grocery store. Every aisle you go up, has some old biddy blocking your way. This is the high lite of their day and they're relishing these moments, studying the box content, reading every fucking label and mindlessly, with great abandon, leaving their cart in the middle of the aisle. I have stated, in my campaign speech, you know the one where I'm running for President(I will ask for your votes)that when I am sworn into office, I will promise to make it legal to Taser mindless assholes. A perfect example, the afore mentioned shopper, which you will find anywhere, anytime of day, all across the U.S. Don't you believe they will most certainly re-think the way they shop, if they are finally dealt with? Yes, if it's legal to taser them for being an absent minded, selfish prick, the world as we know it would/will change. Read my theory here on the prior post.

A good concert. It's been far too long but I've been going to concerts since I was 12 when I saw David Bowie at the Roller Rink in Springfield, Va. That concert along with Eric Clapton's Journeyman Tour in 1995? were the only concerts I was ever at, where I was stone cold sober. Clapton kicked my ass! I was at the Smoke-In, on the Wash. Monument grounds in D.C., way back in 1972-73? Anyway, they had all these bands playing. That day, we were all smoking good weed, all the while Park Mounted Police units were canvassing the area. I mean we had bongs and pipes and my personal favorite, a joint rolled in Strawberry papers. Yes, those were the good ol days but as these bands played, I remember saying to this guy who was with us, "Hey, who are those dudes playing, they suck?" It was the Rolling Stones, haha! Who'da thunk it???

I hate to see hate. If you give respect, you should get respect. Respect is a huge word. It's bigger than the likes of, Faggot, Nigger, Kike, Cracker,Wop, Beaner, Sand Jockey, Dirty Bitch and so on. If we gave each other respect, equally, we'd solve, put an end to sexism, racism and so on. Until such time as we put down this PC shit and say it like it is, look at it, define it and then do what we can to improve it nothing will change. Instead we choose to look the other way. In actuality, we are all given the opportunity, choices to rise above. If you behave in a manner not befitting respect, you need to look at it. If we stop hiding shit behind being PC, call it what it is and stop hiding behind, "OMG, I am so offended by those words," and changing the subject, running from the actual situation using that platform, we might be able to see the real agenda, the real shit as it is. We need to stop the PC shit, call a spade a spade and show how a peoples can choose to pull themselves up. Instead, when something happens, a scenario unfolds where words are used in a disparaging manner, we look at those words instead of why we were/they were called that/it or the behavior. It makes perfect sense to me anyway and that's what matters. Men/Women must give each other equal respect, that's it, that's all. A man is no good w/o a good woman. A woman is no good w/o a good man. Yes, we have physical differences and strengths. One can not function w/o the other. Procreation knows about this, counts on it, why can't we see it? OK Mister, you want to be head of the household, act like it and respect your wife. Ladies, if you want things to roll right, respect your husband. There has to be a hierarchy, in Government, Politics and even in your home. But men, if you want your wife to respect you and follow this rule, you've gotta respect her and do your job, be that head. When and if you slack and don't do your job, remember a woman knows how to wear your hat, quite well because she wears so many more hats than you'll ever realize.
Remember this. R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

Babies laughter, good music, all music from every genre. Most of all, I love to hear from my boys, my daughter and Grandkids. See, with all the shit I did and put my kids through, I'm just happy they have a forgiving heart. Success as a parent is not because your kid went on to become a Doctor, Lawyer, Bank President and so on. No, success as a parent is to raise children who are giving, forgiving, charitable and would kill and die for you. I taught them this myself and would die without flinching and kill without a second thought, if I had to. Yes, it is a child who has heart, doesn't look the other way, when they see a fallen brother or sister related or not. My kids are not successful in a worldly sense but they are good hearted people, the type who won't look down their noses at those less fortunate, in pain, addicted, lost, homeless, sick from HIV/Hep C, etc. They have a charitable spirit. That's true success!

An uneducated opinion;
Everybody has an opinion, it is our God given right and protected under the Constitution. But that doesn't mean you need to exert/exercise that right and give your opinion on everything under the sun. If you don't have an educated opinion on a subject matter, keep your fat farking mouth shut. Learn to bridle your tongue. OK, I know very little about politics thus I try not to make political statements. I know very little about structured religion, so, I try to shut my trap on the subject. I don't know it all and readily admit it. Does it not make me a better/bigger person because I can admit this?
Just because people in power say it's so, doesn't make it right or true for that matter. Just because you were taught a certain set of values and beliefs, doesn't make it right. Take the time, hold yourself accountable for your opinion by studying the subject. Admit when you don't know everything. Admit when you have been shallow. Admit when you are wrong(especially to your children). Ladies, stop with the idle chatter. If you want respect, stop spewing the bullshit about things you know nothing about. Men, if you don't understand something, be a man and admit it. What's the true definition of a man?

  1. A Real Man knows that he needs a good woman and can't do it all. Yes, he treats her as his equal. He embraces their differences and actually enjoys them.
  2. A Real Man is not afraid to admit when he's wrong, when he needs help, when something has hurt him. And he's not afraid to cry or show emotion.
  3. A Real Man treats his wife with respect and does not have a sense of Entitlement. What is a "Sense of Entitlement"? This ideology comes from old school values and beliefs, mixed with new school expectations. Yes, you want to have the American Dream and to grasp it, to attain it and maintain it, you must have two incomes. It takes a lot of money to keep up with the Jones'. Yes, you want that SUV and your wife wants the Minivan. You must have that 4 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath with the Hot Tub out back. You must have the 52inch Flat Screen with surround sound, so when the fellas come over to watch Football and drink beer, they walk away with the idea that you've got it together, yep, you are one cool dude. So, your wife works, yes, she wants to work and have her own money, not having to ask you for money to buy all her stuff. Plus it makes her feel like she's more than just Mommy or the Mrs. But add it up, are the household chores, cooking, running kids to and from and generalities of what takes a home to run, fairly distributed? While I realize that you take out the trash, mow the lawn and so on, when it's done, you are often "Off Duty."
  4. A Real Man is smart. He pleases his wife first, not through sexual intercourse but by other means, maybe using toys? He's not intimidated by toys either, as some men are because he realizes that many women can not attain orgasm through sexual intercourse but need direct stimulation of the clitoris. Yes, he's on top of the program and realizes it's to his benefit to have his mate orgasm first. Why? For two reasons;
a. He understands that if Mama's not happy, eventually nobody's happy. If sex is nothing more than just, "getting dirty to make you happy" it becomes just another job, another ritual.

b. A Real Man realizes it's to his benefit if she has an orgasm first'll then be tighter. WooHoo!

Is this you? If not, "Hats Off to You." You are a Real Man!!!

And I am tagging:

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It would be a shame if this tampon taser gun were to go off at the wrong time. Like when inside of someone’s naughty place. The aptly named Pink Stinger, which sounds like a combination between a porno flick and a sea creature, is a way for woman to not only regulate their menstruation hygiene, but offers a method of self defense as well.

In its stun setting, you only need to make contact with your target via the 2 prods, for an effective toxic shock. Rendering the victim disoriented, degraded and embarrassed. When shooting in taser mode, 2 extra absorbent tampons with barbed probes and 12 ft. of wire are expelled and propelled by compressed nitrogen. The Pink Stinger deals a shocking 50,000 volts of electricity to the rude, male gentlemen in question. Exactly what we need. Woman with PMS wielding 50,000 volts of power in their hands. — Andrew Dobrow of Gearfuse


Natsthename said...

Amen, sistah! I will take you up on the tag, but I won't post it until later this evening. I might have to use the same "I hate to eat" pick, because I have always hated that above all else!

Miz UV said...

Cheese danishes -- mmm! But you know what? I like liver and onions. Yes, I'm a weirdie!

warrior scout said...

thanks for the tag. i will try to get to it soon. i feel a bit hungover (energy only) after my weekend. i need a coupla recoup days.. too bad i gotta work tomorrow.

xstevex said...

"He understands that if Mama's not happy, eventually nobody's happy."

ditto on that;)^ ty for the tag , I stayed home sick tonight , I also love my grand daughters feet esp the newwest Kristen shes 5 back to napping...have a great week too

Old Knudsen said...

I don't trust or respect most folk until they earn it from me. I've met too many arseholes in my time.

zeckko said...

thanks for the last one and I like liver and onions too ! but if we don't eat together we still can drink and smoke !

sKILLz said...

Of course I will take you up on the tag jus please give me some time with this one. This one actually requires some effort.

Bedazzler said...

I love to have a big Lebanese cucumber in my assho....*snore*
!!! Wuh? What were we talking about again?

Shad Catcher said...

Great MeMe

I'm thinking right now of the moment a grandson read the poem, House by the Side of the Road by Samuel Walter Foss, at his grandfather's funeral last week.

"But let me live by the side of the road and be a friend to man."

You know that feeling you get when your body has to cry but you don't want to make a complete idiot of yourself, and so you do your best to hold it back, and your shoulders and head and body start shaking??

The good thing was - the service ended with When the Saints Go Marching In

Big hugs!

DirtyBitchSociety said...

Natsthename,great minds think alike, huh? Of course!

Thanks for doing the meme. In a way I hate them thus I hate to tag people. At the same time, I do enjoy reading about others likes and dislikes, ya know? Glad you're a good sport!

DirtyBitchSociety said...

Miz UV, where I used to work, we had the all time best cheese danish, the kind ya write home about. I was hopelessly addicted to them. In fact, I'd eat them instead of dinner at times. Not a good diet, I must add.

DirtyBitchSociety said...

Warrior Scout, hungover, eh? I've not had one in some time but I realized it was dark liquor and fruity drinks that ultimately were my demise and gave me a hangover. Now, I drink Vodka and Iced Tea and don't get hangovers.

Thanks for agreeing to do the meme and I will look forward to your answers. Now, a big Mwah!

DirtyBitchSociety said...

XsteveX, if you'd not told me, I'd have never guessed you were old enough to be a Grandpa. Then again, us grandparents, these days aren't like ours were, now are we?

Hope ya feel better, sweets!

DirtyBitchSociety said...

Old Knudsen, I can just about smell, when an arsehole walks in the room. I mean, you can almost tell just by the way they carry themselves, as well. Don't you concur Dr.Knudsen?

DirtyBitchSociety said...

Zeckko, damn it's good to hear from you. How the hell have ya been?

I suppose if it means giving up your company for a dinner date, I'd hold my breath the whole time, while you ate your liver. Yes, I'm willing to do that and if I drink enough first, it won't matter anyway. So, let me know an hour before you pick me up and I'll start getting snockered ahead of time, lol!

DirtyBitchSociety said...

Skillz, take all the time you need. I can see you're going through some shit or I feel it anyway. Give the love to the wife, ok?

DirtyBitchSociety said...

Bedazzler, must it be a Lebanese cucumber? I mean can't we have a good ol fashioned American cuke to put up your ass? Here let me do it...

.Ophelia. said...

hot damn I love your blog so much!!

I will be back my love. Just dealing with know?


DirtyBitchSociety said...

Ophelia Darling, I've missed you terribly. Hope you and Bella and hubby are well. Glad to hear from you. Yes, I have gone off the deep end again, put your safety glasses on, ok?