Hey Lee...Let's Go to the Insane Asylum

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King's Park Building 93

According to Wikipedia...

The Kings Park Psychiatric Center is a former state-run psychiatric hospital located in Kings Park, New York. It operated from 1885 until 1996, when the State of New York closed the facility down, either releasing its few remaining patients or transferring them to the still-operational Pilgrim Psychiatric Center.

The Last Two Weeks...

My oldest son, Lee was just here, for a much needed visit. He lives in DuBois, Pa., so I don't get to see him very often. Lee is my very best friend and I can't put into words how much I enjoyed his visit.

We are such bums that we basically did nothing, that entire two weeks. I wanted to drive him the 2 miles to Long Island Sound but both days when we could have gone and planned to go, it was 20 degrees out with a wind chill of 5. Oh hell no, last time I tried similar, my nipples fell off and I had a really hard time finding them. So what the hell did we do for two weeks?

Well, I pretty much drank every nite. Egg Nog with Black Velvet, B52's, Bailey's and Makers Mark, Vodka and Iced Tea (my usual), Jack-n-Ginger, Vodka and 7-Up, Black Coke-n-BV(very tasty), well, I'm lucky I can remember anything. But we did have a good time, especially late @nite. You will not believe what we did...several nites in a row, we got shit faced and listened or rather watched and listened to 80's Hair Bands on YouTube. I think I gave myself Whiplash again...

We listened to all of them, the likes of Cinderella, Whitesnake, Motley Crue,(this is a good Motley Crue vid from Moscow Peace Festival; Part One, Part Two) Too numerous to mention every noteworthy band, we were jamming.

I took Lee to his first concert, Judas Priest/Dokken at 8 years old. We go way back, Lee and I thus his love for music and just as he did years ago, he can still run sound and lights for the band.

If you see recent footage of Motley Crue, you can't help but notice that Mick Mars, is painfully sick, appearing very stiff. At one point he was down to 112lbs according to this interview in Blabbermouth. He suffers from the debilitating disease,
Ankylosing Spondylitis.

Anywho, so right up the road from me is a haunted Insane Asylum. I'd driven past, by or around it but never stopped before. Lee and I decided to take pictures. This place looks like it should be haunted and used in a Scary Movie.
**I guess it was...

My Grandson, Brady Lee, came to visit, as well. He's pictured here with one of his Christmas presents(the bandanna). With great protest, he stayed behind, while we decided to get adventurous.

I wanted to get closer, so I go up this service road...(Yes, that's my fat ass behind my car)

We toolied around and wanted to get even closer, to the buildings, somehow. I turned around, very carefully and it wasn't easy as the road was so narrow. We were coming back and pulled over to take one pic and here comes the cops, right across the grass. (That's me pointing, snitching on Lee, "He told me to drive up here!")

Apparently, uh...duh, I was driving on a bike path, not a service road. I told the cop I was blond in another life and he understood.(The Cop is now telling my dumbass which way to go. Am I having a Spaz Attack?)))))

So, I played the part of a Japanese Tourist, acted really stupid, which by the way, is an easy role for me and the cop told us how to get to this Boulevard, to get better pictures. We drove on the other side of the buildings, the front of them, on the boulevard. It was a two lane road with a huge median strip in the middle. I pulled over and told Lee to go up, on the hill, so as to get both buildings in the pic. No sooner had he snapped the picture when I saw Police lights coming, hauling ass. He was coming from the road to the right, shown in the picture. This cop, a different cop than the first one, whipped up the street, coming head on, towards me.
Now, I am an OG, with a post criminal mind and of course, I just knew I'd done something wrong and was picking my brain."Fuck, do I have anything on me?"

Lee saw him and started walking down the hill. "What are you doing? What are you doing? Get down here, " the cop says, real heated. The cop was majorly pissed. Lee told him he was taking pictures and the cop says, over and over, "No you're not. Give me that camera." At this point I jump outa the car and I can see the other cop speeding towards us. "Oh shit," I'm thinking. "Let me see that camera, whatcha doin up there?," Barney Fife on crack says. Lee told him he'd gone up the hill to get a pic of both buildings. At this point, Lee's standing next to the cop and the cop is telling him he can't take pictures of clients.(Good thing he deleted those stripper pics from the Gay Blade, huh?) "Let me see the pictures," says the cop all shitty. So, Lee shows him every pic on his camera. The cop is saying, "OK, you don't have to delete that one," over and over cause no, we'd not been taking pics of tards, just old buildings.

The cop warned us not to take any pics of one certain building, which is exactly on the hill Lee was on. I'd not realized that that building was the same building, located at the back as I'd driven by, a hundred times. I'd seen the front, which is right on Main Street, on my way to work. "We have to protect our clients, you understand, right?" Of course, we understand and promised never to jack off while taking pics of his clients, well I made that part up but we made it clear we weren't doing anything but taking pics of the buildings. I'd be willing to bet and you had to be there, that this was the biggest and baddest scenario this cop had had in 2 years. He probably had a big hard on, as he raced his cruiser towards us

Oh and Lee's pants were falling down, even as he was taking the picture. He almost lost them as he came down the hill. Maybe the cop thought he was up there, faddy in hand, jacking off to the clients/tards??? You know how us serial sexual predators are, we like a trophy/pic from our victim. You know, something to remember them by?
King's Park Building 93 Left
King's Park Building 93 Right


The 1995 movie Eyes Beyond Seeing, by director Daniel Robert Cohn, was filmed in KPPC's Building 136/137 (old medical/surgical unit) shortly after the building was closed down. The film also contains exterior shots of the famous Building 93 (The 13 story tall Geriatric/Ambulatory building), in an attempt to convince viewers that the interior shots were done inside 93.

The film stars Keith Hamilton Cobb as a mental patient claiming to be Jesus Christ, and also features a cameo by Henny Youngman, in his final movie appearance before his death, as a mental patient claiming to be Henny Youngman.

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