Stereotypical Gay

My son is my best friend and I love him but damn he's so Gay. He's like the coolest person to go shopping with and in my younger days, we got into our share of trouble together. But he's been my BFF for years upon years and if I had to be stuck on a deserted Island or something, I'd pick him to be stuck with, as we rarely run out of shit to talk about, especially, if we're talking smack about people, in general.We talk just about every single day and we can talk for hours, you know till your ear hurts, right?

The other day, he'd had a brand new "50 Plasma T.V. delivered. He called me right away. He went on and on about how life size people were and all. "I wanna watch porn on it, you know just to see."

Yesterday he called, all excited. "I watched my Cher in Concert DVD, you don't know how good it was. I could even see the glitter on her lips. What a fierce bitch."

He's 31 and thinks he's an old queen, ya know? Lately, he gets all fucked up at night, on Seroquel
and Soma and bids on jewelry on He got in trouble with his hubby cause he bid on 15 pieces of jewelry and won the bids. He charged them all on their joint charge accounts. He vaguely remembers it. He just got a Garnet ring and I think now, he's got a ring for every finger, for every day of the week and wants more. I wonder if he'll be a Liberache?


joe*to*hell said...

you are the luckiest parent!!!!

joe*to*hell said...

you are the luckiest parent!!!!

sKILLz said...

Thats really cool! I love to see that, when parents get along with there kids so much. There comfortable telling them anything an so on.
Over the years me and my mother have become that way. Alot of times she didnt approve of the way I "handled" certain situations but now shes really happy for me for how far I have come.
She knows Im not totally fully clean but shes just glad that Im not running myself into the ground like I was.
I can tell her almost anything and we can talk for hours on end about anything too.
See I know this woman who smokes crack with her own 17yr old son and she thinks thats ok because "at least hes doing it with me".
Now Im sorry but ot me thats fucking sick! You think your son respects you? You think your son doesnt look at you like a creadhead? Its just crazy to me that whole shit.
Thats another blog for another time though!

Anonymous said...

i love to get fucked up and bid...always a great night dirty bitch! tee hee!!