Cruisin Around w/the Top Down

It's the Fourth of July and I'm lounging like a fat dog. I've made a cold salad of Cheese Tortellini w/ Italian Parmesan dressing (homemade), Peperoncini, Pepperoni, onion, red peppers and extra Parmesan cheese. I'll grill 'burgers and I'll bake "Pigs n a Blanket. I love those frigin things. You take a roll of croissants and spread horseradish mustard and raw onion, place a hot dog at one end, roll 'em up and bake. The salad is chillin/marinating and that's it and that's all, simple enough if you get sloshed, as I intend to do. Fireworks are only cool if you're stoned or trippin' and since I'm not into that anymore, I'll have to just suffice to listen to the illegal ones, the neighbors are already setting off. Hope you guys have a great holiday.

I saw this; 50 Things You Should Never Say on "Radar."

and this expose', also found on Radar on Japan's new obsession Goth Lolitas. The Japanese are getting freaky, did you notice that? I think they're having a sexual revolution. I'm booking my flight asap.

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