Absolute Vodka Commercial

I'm watching the whining bitches on Sunset Tan. This commercial came on and I just loved it. Check it out. From Absolute Vodka


brotherray said...

Bunch of Vodkadupped feeathersss. Ah yeah! All those feathers - I used to love a bed full of feather pillows 'til I gots allergic to 'em. I had to go that fiber filled shit. Was a traumatic switch!

DirtyBitchSociety said...

Brotherray, I'd not slept in a feather bed since I was a child. My sofa's are down filled, very expensive sofa's. I hate 'em but they were a gift, ya know? But I love my feather pillow. I only have one and it's pretty beat up but I like it like that so I can kinda wad it up, ya know? But nothings like a feather pillow, huh? that's a shame, I'm sure ya miss it, right?