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I used to keep condoms in a big Candy Dish right on a telephone stand I had in the hallway. They sat right there at the front door. I would get them free from the Needle Exchange in Buffalo, NY. The neighborhood kids knew they could take them. While I did make them readily available, I also let them know that I did not condone it, for all the obvious reasons but if the necessary evils took control, they were there.
Was I wrong for providing my boys with condoms?

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AZ said...

Now that’s a difficult question! My father had the perfect birth control method for his girls: “If you get pregnant don’t come home, you’re no longer a member of this family. and we will not help you.” Needless to say I held on to my virtue until I was 22 and after thousands of beatings as a child I decided that I would never have children just in case I turned out like my father, ditto for my sister. The children of abusive fathers often decided that they would never take the chance that they too might be natural born monsters, and the strange thing is that in his old age he kept asking why we didn’t have children. He died without an answer from his daughters, I wonder if he ever figured it out on his own. As for the condom question, I guess it wouldn't hurt to pass them out on every corner of every city on the face of the earth, but I’d bet good money that there would still be STD’s, AIDS, and babies galore, because the passion of the moment still supercedes common sense.

sKILLz said...

I dont think you were wrong at all. I think that was a great idea. Thats the same as asking is it wrong to give out free needles? Is it hurting to give them out or helping.
I think its helping with giving both of them out for free.
Kids today need to know not only where to get them but how to use them and not be afraid to use them either.

Bedazzler said...

As long as they weren't USED condoms.