Jane Child/Don't Wanna Fall in Love

One Fierce Official Dirty Bitch


Bedazzler said...

Dya think it's Julia Childs' daughter? A lovechild she had with Prince?

Babz/DBS said...

Bedazzler, well of course it is and if you remember correctly, Julia Child was inducted, post humorously to the DB Society for wayward women and old queens. I'm not sure which she was?

Now the whole reason that I was even on YouTuber was because my sons and I were on 3-Way and they were making fun of my spiked mullet years and how I thought Jane was cool. I still stand by her and knowing that she did that entire song/album by herself, well I told him I didn't see his ass on MTV or with an album. Case dismissed.(Bangs Gavel)

Natsthename said...

Ohhh, that's priceless, and she is definitely a DIRTY BITCH!!

Natsthename said...

Oh, I almost forgot, since I was so dazzled by that video...would you be a sweet dirty bitch and come to my blog and vote on a picture for me?

Babz/DBS said...

Natsthename, I just posted that comment. Did you sneak in here w/o me knowing. I love a good sneak, yes ma'am.

Yes, She deserves her props, huh? I though she was all that!

Last Girl On Earth said...

Damn, I feel like I have to work on my look now! My image is more like "my mother dressed me" than Jane's! Maybe I can keep my look and go for a chain connecting my nose ring. But first I need a nose ring. (So much to do!) Is IS a Dirty Bitch, though!

SOOOO happy to meet you. Any friend of Nat's is a friend of mine!
Thanks for stopping by. I lived in Woodbridge, VA, BTW. And Springfield for a tiny bit before that. But I always tell everyone that "my people are from the Motherland... of New Jersey!"

I'm going to blogroll you so that I visit more often!

Bedazzler said...

Yah...all 6 foot 2 brick shithouse of her.

DirtyBitchSociety said...

Last Girl..., It's a pleasure to have you here. We could've had a bottle of wine had I known you were coming. Well, next time, right?
I had take my nose ring out for work 3 years ago but I think it's time to not act my age again. I'm in Semi retirement so I can and I will just blame it on the rain and senility.

Do you remember Marumsco Plaza in Woodbridge? I rode an elephant there, when I was a kid. It scared the shit right outa me and the theater there used to play 99 cent movies and I'd take the kids. Or Lorton Correctional? I spent many lazy summer days at my BF's house in Springfield. That interchange there is insane if you've not been there to drive it. Yes, that whole area, even Franconia has grown and developed.

So now yuz a Jersey girl, I did that with an accent, could you tell? I think I'll be driving through Jersey today, namely Patterson. I'll wave. I'll be the idiot with the Breath Right strip on, ok?

Ophelia Mourne said...

I love you my darling.
I am so bad for never visiting. Been a weird month.
How have you been?

Bedazzler said...

What's this crap about someone accusing you of being a fraud Babz? I read it on another totally unrelated blog. You are going totes around the globe. And I mean that in a nice way.

Blankfrank06 said...

I'm so glad for your always entertaining site which wants me to meet you all. alas, I'm so far away.

Keep up the freat work


brotherray said...

Hey DBS! Oh yeah - one of my all time favs there. That song was hot. Mullets? Hey - they were cool, too!

good to see you