Posting From Bumfuck Pa. Part Two

I have soooooooo much shit to tell you but I want to wait till I get home and post the pics with it.

Lee and I went to Palumbo's Meat Market. on Tuesday, to buy Strip Steaks for Friday nite. They had the best stuff, I wanted to buy it all. I'd had pickled bologna before, that I'd bought in Waterford, Pa. and them was some good eats, yea buddy. But I didn't buy it or all the other stuff they had that I wanted; Peppered Ham, Jalapeno Sausage and these Hot Pepper Cheese hot dogs. But I'd mentioned it to my son-in-law, Brian and he surprised me with a cook-out, last nite and we had grilled hamburgers, potato salad, baked beans and yes, those hot pepper cheese hot dogs. Holy Shit, those were good. Palumbo's even has Peanut Butter hot dogs. No sir, I don't want them but talk about good eats.

Tonite, my last nite here, we're having the strip steaks, grilled, baked potatoes with real bacon pieces and sour cream and my fav...corn on the cob. We stopped at my favorite spot, Wenzel's Farmers Market, aka Wenzel's Hatch Patch, in Warren, Pa. T
hey have the best corn, I've ever had. We pulled over, on our way to Jamestown, NY for our rendezvous at Taco Hut. I'll write all about that when I get back.

Gotta tell you though; There was a Warren cop, in front of me, in line at Taco Hut. Warren County is the place that falsely sent me to prison. You'd think I was a fucking movie star or something as he recognized me and asked if it was me? We had reservations for 10 and a big table. He kept looking over at me. It's not what I wanted but I made damn sure, he knew I'm doing very well, when he asked, as we waited, in line together, to be seated. I wanted to say, "Now, go back to your crooked, wannabe cop friends and tell them, they couldn't squash a grape at a fruit fight and I'm just fine. Make sure you tell your lying, cheatin, corrupt, lame ass colleagues, that I'll be putting their shit, on Front Street, in about a year. Get ready for the whirlwind romance, bitches!" Worthless motherfuckers.

I'm having a blast, haven't laughed so hard in years and it's just what the Doctor ordered.


AZCG said...

Sounds like you're havin' fun! Keep up the good work! Peanut butter hot dogs? Ewwwww

thejunkyswife said...

Hehe. Meat Market.

Bedazzler said...

I hoped you picked up some smoked pig crack for Brandon.

brotherray said...

Damn you sure are doing some good eating! Good GOD that's some fine food! The peanut butter hotdog is new on me, but reading your stuff made me so hungry I'm apt to try one tonight.

That is funny about the Warren Co. cop being in there! OMG - leave it to you to run smack dab into the bastard who lied to put you behind bars. I bet he was about to choke on his damn hotdog seeing you in there!

Glad you're having a great time!

Dirty Bitch Society said...

AZCG,I know they do sound gross but he said they're really good. I'm afraid, I won't be eating them as I have quite the gag reflex these days and the thought makes me queasy.

Anonymous said...

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