Christmas at the Rumsfelds'

Yes kids, Christmas is coming, before you know it. It's just 4+ months away. Make your plans early.


O, Christmas Tree: The jolly man with the beard said this man was "a bad guy."

Yes, Don and Joyce Rumsfeld had an absolutely stunning tree this year. And the duck was so juicy, it practically melted in your mouth. The party was a lot less crowded than last year—no Powells, no Tenets, no Ashcrofts, or Keriks—but it was wonderful.

Merry Christmas, everyone! And a happy, healthy New Year!


Xmichra said...

well clearly he is mocking the sacred "holiday tree" (once known as a christmas tree). lol... people these days. you can't do anything without getting persicuted.

Dirty Bitch Society said...

Xmichra, yes, clearly it is being made mockery, fodder for those that like to keep secrets, under their hat. Whoops, we're on to them.