Only watch this, if you are hardcore dumbass, like me. I really am not sure, why they didn't understand that conduction is transferred? Check it out!

Then, for the shock of the evening, you can watch this bimbo, get it in every hole but her fuckin' ears. Now, does she think these guys are really going to like her and say, "Oh, she's one cool chick to hang out with? Does she think it's real sexy and maybe all those guys are thinking just how hot she is? Does she not realize, that after they've ripped her up physically, they're gonna rip her up and talk smack about her, as soon as she leaves the room. I have no patience when women make themselves look completely retarded. I look at porn, now and again and will be the first to testify, in court, that I love to get my freak on but c'mon. Maybe, I'm getting old and less tolerant.


Stupid is as stupid does, huh?


Anonymous said...

I thought the expression was:

"Stupid is as a box of chocolates does"?

I am on dial-up so the video is to be forever denied to me. Maybe when she leaves the room she takes with her all the boy's wallets and cares not for their respect?
I spend most winters in and out of Thailand, where prostitution is part of the culture. There are no crack whores. A few indentured women, mind, but the position in society for the hooker is different than that of the West.

DirtyBitchSociety said...

VD, I must travel to the Orient, where me deviant side shall be tickled and fed.

Anonymous said...

Jaysus girlfriend, In Thailand a white chick could pull in a grand a night(4 hours work) peddlin' her arse.
And age is of no consequence.
I've seen it!

DirtyBitchSociety said...

vaginia, gotta go, gotta book tickets. Hell, I wonder if I stick postage stamps...
White w/freckles?