Don't Call Me a West Virginian

See this is why, I get upset, when I tell people I'm from Virginia and then later they'll say, "Oh, you're from West Virginia, right?" This hate and animosity, taught early on, for being referred to as from W.V., reaches as far back as the Civil War. I grew up in the Nations Capitol, not in the mining towns and so on. But this animosity can be so funny, as the jokes, one Virginian tells another, tickles me...

What kinda parties do West Virginians throw at Halloween?

Pump-Kin Parties

Why aren't West Virginians circumcised?

They need a place to put the tobacco when they shower.

What do West Virginians call duct tape?


The only virgins left in W.V. are the ones that can outrun their brothers.

But seriously folks...did you know it's illegal, in W.V. to put your garbage in black plastic bags?

The Chamber of Commerce there, requires all trash, rubbish, garbage to be placed in clear plastic bags. They want to improve their "window shopping" experience.

Spoken like a true Old Dominion, my Mother told me that Saddam is in for a terrible surprise, when he expects to greet those 72 Virgins for his Religious persecution. There was a typo, it actually should read, "72 Virginians." He's fucked.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming. Meet the Meatheads. I hope they fry those bastards.

Torture victim held captive for a month

WV Torture
Police Say Williams Abused for More Than a Month:
Police are now stating that Megan Williams was held captive for a month, not a week, by the Deliverance Reject Family from West Virginia.

Megan Williams went into the trailer home in Logan County where police say she was raped, beaten and tortured on Aug. 2, according to court testimony heard on Tuesday. Bobby Ray Brewster, 24, one of the six suspects in the case, got out of jail on Aug. 2 on charges he hit and threatened Williams, according to testimony from a Logan County sheriff's deputy.

So the first thing Cletus does is when he gets out of lock-up is to kidnap somebody.

New charges have been filed as well...

Besides Brewster, the others charged include his mother, 49-year-old Frankie Lee Brewster. Also on Tuesday, the original charges against suspect Frankie Brewster were amended to include first degree sexual assault, giving false information during the commission of a felony, kidnapping and three counts of misdemeanor battery.

More details of the abuse...

During the hearing, prosecuting attorneys presented a fly swatter, a knife and a wooden stick. Lawyers told the court the suspects used the implements to beat Williams. Each impliment had red and brown stains, but they will all be tested to determined what the material is. Deputies also testified that Williams went willingly to the home, but the suspects would later refuse to let her leave.

And more of the family's stellar record...

The suspects had lengthy criminal records In 1994, Frankie Brewster was indicted on first degree murder charges, but pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter in the shooting death of an 84-year old woman. In March of this year, her son Bobby Brewster, was charged with brandishing a deadly weapon. Last year he was charged with battery on a police officer. Combs' criminal history includes a malicious wounding charge in 2006. Messer has several domestic violence charges, including second offense domestic assault and burglary. Karen Burton and her daughter Alisha have also been arrested on numerous occasions. Karen Burton has been charged with assault on a police officer. Her daughter was charged with domestic assault in May.

It's amazing that this family of scumbags were even out on the streets.


archer said...

I think it would be a pretty cool TV sitcom. Kind of like "The Real McCoys," only with Grandpappy Amos in a dirty old raincoat, etc.

DirtyBitchSociety said...

Archer, I act all prim-n-proper, tehe but I could play a lead role. Let's do it, you write, I'll pitch it to all my big wig T.V. moguls. Deal?
I'm so full a shit, my eyes are brown, huh?

archer said...

Even the song will be cool.


The dirty old man
He opens up his raincoat look what's IN HIS HAND and now there's Luke who screams with joy etc. etc.

Old Knudsen said...

Well you can't ask on this occasion where the parents are.

DirtyBitchSociety said...

Archer, oh fuck that's funny. Seriously, I think people would find it hilarious. They are now embracing crazier things. Have you seen, "It's Always Sunny in Philly?" Fine example and that show is hilarious. We must do this!

DirtyBitchSociety said...

Old Knudsen, well you know what they say...

A family that "Prey's," together stays together.