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Elmer Fudd
Swedish Chef
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Xmichra said...

well that was boring. I hit redneck on your page but it stayed the same... BBWWAHAHAA!!! hehe. ;)

That was pretty cool, i liked the pig latin thing....

Dirty Bitch Society said...

Xmichra, you're killing me, hahahaha!!!

I grew up speaking Pig Latin. My parents would use it so they could talk around us kids but I caught on early. I am a cryptologist, haha!

brotherray said...

HAHAHAHAHA That's some fun shit on that site! I put something in there to convert to redneck.

In other cases, it may be a matter of early ejoocayshun: chillun taught thet sartin attitudes is th' "co'reck" ones may fo'm opinions wifout weighin' th' evidence on both sides of a given quesshun wif no malice aimed on th' chile's part.


I'm gonna go do pig latin now.

DirtyBitchSociety said...

Brotherray, it's funny. Did you see Xmichra's comment, at the top? Read it, if you have the chance, too damn funny!

brotherray said...

LMAO! I didn't see that! That is funny as hell! HAHAHAHA!

AZCG said...


Once upon a midnight dweawy, whiwe I pondewed weak and weawy, Ovew many a qwaint and cuwious vowume of fowgotten wowe, Whiwe I nodded, neawwy napping, suddenwy thewe came a tapping, As of some one gentwy wapping, wapping at my chambew doow. `'Tis some visitow,' I muttewed, `tapping at my chambew doow - Onwy this, and nothing mowe.' Ah, distinctwy I wemembew it was in the bweak Decembew, And each sepawate dying embew wwought its ghost upon the fwoow. Eagewwy I wished the mowwow; - vainwy I had sought to bowwow Fwom my books suwcease of sowwow - sowwow fow the wost Wenowe - Fow the wawe and wadiant maiden whom the angews named Wenowe - Namewess hewe fow evewmowe. And the siwken sad uncewtain wustwing of each puwpwe cuwtain Dwiwwed me - fiwwed me wif fantastic tewwows nevew fewt befowe; So that now, to stiww the beating of my heawt, I stood wepeating `'Tis some visitow entweating entwance at my chambew doow - Some wate visitow entweating entwance at my chambew doow; - Dis it is, and nothing mowe,' Pwesentwy my souw gwew stwongew; hesitating then no wongew, `Siw,' said I, `ow Madam, twuwy youw fowgiveness I impwowe; But the fact is I was napping, and so gentwy you came wapping, And so faintwy you came tapping, tapping at my chambew doow, Dat I scawce was suwe I heawd you' - hewe I opened wide the doow; - Dawkness thewe, and nothing mowe. Deep into that dawkness peewing, wong I stood thewe wondewing, feawing, Doubting, dweaming dweams no mowtaw evew dawed to dweam befowe But the siwence was unbwoken, and the dawkness gave no token, And the onwy wowd thewe spoken was the whispewed wowd, `Wenowe!' Dis I whispewed, and an echo muwmuwed back the wowd, `Wenowe!' Mewewy this and nothing mowe. Back into the chambew tuwning, aww my souw within me buwning, Soon again I heawd a tapping somewhat woudew than befowe. `Suwewy,' said I, `suwewy that is something at my window wattice; Wet me see then, what theweat is, and this mystewy expwowe - Wet my heawt be stiww a moment and this mystewy expwowe; - 'Tis the wind and nothing mowe!' Open hewe I fwung the shuttew, when, wif many a fwiwt and fwuttew, In thewe stepped a statewy waven of the saintwy days of yowe. Not the weast obeisance made he; not a minute stopped ow stayed he; But, wif mien of wowd ow wady, pewched above my chambew doow - Pewched upon a bust of Pawwas just above my chambew doow - Pewched, and sat, and nothing mowe. Den this ebony biwd beguiwing my sad fancy into smiwing, By the gwave and stewn decowum of the countenance it wowe, `Dough thy cwest be shown and shaven, thou,' I said, `awt suwe no cwaven, uh-hah-hah-hah. Ghastwy gwim and ancient waven wandewing fwom the nightwy showe - Teww me what thy wowdwy name is on the Night's Pwutonian showe!' Qwof the waven, `Nevewmowe.' Much I mawvewwed this ungainwy foww to heaw discouwse so pwainwy, Dough its answew wittwe meaning - wittwe wewevancy bowe; Fow we cannot hewp agweeing that no wiving human being Evew yet was bwessed wif seeing biwd above his chambew doow - Biwd ow beast above the scuwptuwed bust above his chambew doow, Wif such name as `Nevewmowe.' But the waven, sitting wonewy on the pwacid bust, spoke onwy, Dat one wowd, as if his souw in that one wowd he did outpouw. Nothing fuwthew then he uttewed - not a feathew then he fwuttewed - Tiww I scawcewy mowe than muttewed `Othew fwiends have fwown befowe - On the mowwow wiww he weave me, as my hopes have fwown befowe.' Den the biwd said, `Nevewmowe.' Stawtwed at the stiwwness bwoken by wepwy so aptwy spoken, `Doubtwess,' said I, `what it uttews is its onwy stock and stowe, Caught fwom some unhappy mastew whom unmewcifuw disastew Fowwowed fast and fowwowed fastew tiww his songs one buwden bowe - Tiww the diwges of his hope that mewanchowy buwden bowe Of "Nevew-nevewmowe."' But the waven stiww beguiwing aww my sad souw into smiwing, Stwaight I wheewed a cushioned seat in fwont of biwd and bust and doow; Den, upon the vewvet sinking, I betook mysewf to winking Fancy unto fancy, thinking what this ominous biwd of yowe - What this gwim, ungainwy, gaunt, and ominous biwd of yowe Meant in cwoaking `Nevewmowe.' Dis I sat engaged in guessing, but no sywwabwe expwessing To the foww whose fiewy eyes now buwned into my bosom's cowe; Dis and mowe I sat divining, wif my head at ease wecwining On the cushion's vewvet wining that the wamp-wight gwoated o'ew, But whose vewvet viowet wining wif the wamp-wight gwoating o'ew, She shaww pwess, ah, nevewmowe! Den, methought, the aiw gwew densew, pewfumed fwom an unseen censew Swung by Sewaphim whose foot-fawws tinkwed on the tufted fwoow. `Wwetch,' I cwied, `thy God haf went thee - by these angews he has sent thee Wespite - wespite and nepenthe fwom thy memowies of Wenowe! Qwaff, oh qwaff this kind nepenthe, and fowget this wost Wenowe!' Qwof the waven, `Nevewmowe.' `Pwophet!' said I, `thing of eviw! - pwophet stiww, if biwd ow deviw! - Whethew temptew sent, ow whethew tempest tossed thee hewe ashowe, Desowate yet aww undaunted, on this desewt wand enchanted - On this home by howwow haunted - teww me twuwy, I impwowe - Is thewe - is thewe bawm in Giwead? - teww me - teww me, I impwowe!' Qwof the waven, `Nevewmowe.' `Pwophet!' said I, `thing of eviw! - pwophet stiww, if biwd ow deviw! By that Heaven that bends above us - by that God we bof adowe - Teww this souw wif sowwow waden if, within the distant Aidenn, It shaww cwasp a sainted maiden whom the angews named Wenowe - Cwasp a wawe and wadiant maiden, whom the angews named Wenowe?' Qwof the waven, `Nevewmowe.' `Be that wowd ouw sign of pawting, biwd ow fiend!' I shwieked upstawting - `Get thee back into the tempest and the Night's Pwutonian showe! Weave no bwack pwume as a token of that wie thy souw haf spoken! Weave my wonewiness unbwoken! - qwit the bust above my doow! Take thy beak fwom out my heawt, and take thy fowm fwom off my doow!' Qwof the waven, `Nevewmowe.' And the waven, nevew fwitting, stiww is sitting, stiww is sitting On the pawwid bust of Pawwas just above my chambew doow; And his eyes have aww the seeming of a demon's that is dweaming, And the wamp-wight o'ew him stweaming thwows his shadow on the fwoow; And my souw fwom out that shadow that wies fwoating on the fwoow Shaww be wifted - nevewmowe!

I'm lovin' this! Gonna play with this for weeks!

DirtyBitchSociety said...

Brotherray, she busted on me. Got me good, hahahaha!

DirtyBitchSociety said...

AZCG, hilarious. I need to go to one of those real conservative political blogs and do this. I'm sure it'll crack me up. I was choking on the Waven. Poor Elmer Fudd.

DirtyBitchSociety said...

AZCG, have ya heard from Chuck at all? I miss him!

Anonymous said...

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