Beware of the Pope?

I was raised Catholic. Did they elect him to scare the HELL outa people? This guy is just scary. If he had that little red hat on and came to my house, offering to babysit, I'd grab my kids and run. I must ask myself why, I have such dark feelings about him? Is he scary to you too?

Beware of Prince Charles

Year 1981
1. Prince Charles got married.
2. Liverpool crowned soccer Champions of Europe
3. Australia lost the Ashes tournament
4. Pope died.

Year 2005

1. Prince Charles got married.
2. Liverpool crowned soccer Champions of Europe!
3. Australia lost the Ashes tournament.
4. Pope died.


Now, if you really want some rip roaring Papal fun...Click Here


parisian cowboy said...

I've read today that this man i.e. the Pope is OK to have the mass in Latin. Crucifixion, anyone ?

archer said...

He has that German thing going with the thick neck and the squint. When you see a guy like that making gestures from a high balcony it's sort of weird.

Old Knudsen said...

I have long suspected that the pope is a puppet of evil but to connect the royal family is just treason, oh thats right yer a Yank fair enough.

The Pope killed Princess Di, I'll get the proof don't you worry.

DirtyBitchSociety said...

Parisian Cowboy, they used to do all the masses in Latin, when I was a kid and I knew it verbatim. I had no idea what I was saying but could recite it, word for word.But I must admit, you could not drag me to church today, if the whole thing was in Latin, I'd fall asleep. My Mom used to pinch the crap outa me for that.
BTW, welcome and don't be a stranger, ya heard?

DirtyBitchSociety said...

Archer, he looks evil, I'm sorry. With his dark Count Dracula eyes and all,well,every pic I see of him, gives me the creeps. I liked the last one, Pope John. Now get back to your litigation. So many people to sue, so little time, huh? The fella that's writing my book, is a Law Professor/Criminal Attorney in Philly. I actually adore him and I think Lawyers are hardwired differently, just a different breed. I can't put my finger on it but once a counselor, always a counselor.

DirtyBitchSociety said...

Old Knudsen, you must forgive me for that but I am just the messenger, don't shoot.

I do think you should spend some time on investigating that theory. If anyone can find out, that'd be you!

jungle jane said...

I don't trust the pope. his name is too similar to poop.

Bedazzler said...

I don't trust an old Nazi fag in red Prada shoes. Or Pedo Pumps, as I call them. Now THAT's scary.

Dirty Bitch Society said...

JJ, damn girl, where ya been? I was beginning to wonder but I never lost hope. Yep Pope/Poop, same thing, huh?

Dirty Bitch Society said...

Bedazzler, he is so creepy.
Pedo Pumps, now that's some funny shit! How was your trip darling? Did you get any for me? I sure as hell didn't feel it, by proxy, of course.

Jonathan said...

I don't trust the pope. his name is too similar to poop.

Well, my name kinda rhymes with "do nothin'", but trust me, Sweetheart...I do it all!


Wait...I think I had a point brewin' in that noggin of mine. And I think it was a good one, too. Oh, well.

Dirty Bitch Society said...

Jonathan, you have my vote. Now, try to remember that point. I am waiting with bait for breath, hahaha!!