Blazing Saddles Ain't PC, Huh? :)

Blazing Saddles was and is a classic but it sure crossed a few lines, huh? It'd never be released today because of all the Politically Correct whiners that are so busy being assholes, they forgot how to laugh at life, instead of wearing it.

Why It Would Never Be Allowed Today
There’s no way this flick gets released nowadays without (guilty, white) people protesting in the streets. In the first 3 minutes, blacks, Asians and gays are all equally offended and the movie goes on to drop more N-bombs than every NWA song combined. And the classic line “Where the white women at?” still gets most of middle America shaking. With anger, not laughter. Fuckin Whiners! Go 'head, call me a honkey cracker ass bitch, I don't choose to take offense.


Newmania said...

I like that film DBS . The sherrif is a N-----


DirtyBitchSociety said...

newmania, funny ass shit, I don't care who ya are. If they choose to take offense, let 'em. I'm just going to laugh even harder, hahahaha!